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The FSI Online Master Football Strength & Conditioning Coach is an international, online program aimed at S&C practitioners whose goal is to work as an S&C coach on a professional football team.

Throughout the Master, the student will acquire a great amount of knowledge, both theoretical and practical, on strength & conditioning applied to the real world in football teams. The student who completes this program is accredited by the FSI faculty as having obtained the necessary skills to work competently as a strength & conditioning coach of a professional football team or as a personal strength & conditioning coach of a professional football player.

All the professors on this education program are top-level scientists and/or practitioners in some of the best football clubs of the world. FSI is proud to be able to offer their invaluable knowledge to the students for the empowerment of the football professionals and to support football science development.

    • 16 MONTHS
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Train practically as a football professional staff within top-level clubs

FSI trains you online with the best international platform of professionals, teachers and experts in Sport Science in Football, and also gives you the opportunity to train in person and in practice within the internal structure of our associated Clubs in different countries


This module will focus on analysing the crucial aspect of designing a training process, which is to analyse the event for which the training is intended. The course will examine the demands of the event both physiologically and externally. 

It will focus on what happens when a human being plays football. The module will provide an accurate understanding that will then be used to design effective training methods. It will provide insights into the analysis of the context for designing training methods.

This module will focus on performance enhancement and fatigue management in football. The module will cover various aspects such as assessing different factors to categorise and monitor players' performance, identifying aspects of fatigue to prevent overtraining or increased risk of fatigue, and understanding the importance of mental and cognitive assessments. 

The module will include classes on biomarker monitoring and interpretation, practical physiological heart rate monitoring, body composition assessment, database creation for the medical management of performance data, and follow-up monitoring in a football team.

This module focuses on the importance of measuring physical values to improve performance in football. The module emphasises that measurement is the basis for improvement and not to be intrusive when measuring and assessing players.

The module covers topics such as the different physical values to measure, how to measure them accurately and how to evaluate the results to improve performance.

This module focuses on workload control for physical trainers. The module covers a range of technical means to control the workload of players, with the best specialists in the field sharing their knowledge.

The aim is to make workload monitoring simple and effective, starting with basic questions to athletes and progressing to more complex methods.

This module will covers the first part of a topic that concerns physical trainers, which is the training of players' fatigue resistance. 

The module is divided into two parts due to its density and focuses on the daily training process. As football is played for 90 minutes or more, fatigue endurance is essential for players.

This module covers the means, methods and interventions necessary to improve the fatigue resistance of football players. The second part of the content will focus more on the practical aspects of the training process, including game analysis, task design and complementary classes indirectly related to fatigue resistance. By the end of the course, students will have a thorough understanding of how to design effective training programmes to improve the fatigue endurance of football players.

This module focuses on training methods to increase the ability of football players to perform better in high intensity actions. It differs from traditional strength training in that it does not focus on injury prevention, but on direct performance improvement through mechanically similar exercises with some form of overload. It will be shown in a practical and effective way.

This module focuses on physical preparation for injury prevention in football. The module aims to help S&C understand how to prevent common injuries in football and how to treat chronic injuries that can affect a player's performance. You will go through specific exercises and techniques for injury prevention and maintenance of player health, ultimately contributing to improved performance.

This module will cover injury prevention for physical trainers in detail, focusing on strength training methods and specific injuries such as hamstring and ACL injuries. The course will also examine the best protocols for preventing these injuries and how to treat chronically injured players who have ongoing pain or problems that need to be addressed.

This module focuses on training methods that aim to increase players' impulsion capacity and high-intensity performance. The primary goal of the module is to increase performance rather than injury prevention, and the module is designed to equip trainers with the knowledge and skills to train athletes for high-intensity actions and enhance their performance through mechanically similar exercises with some overload.

This module will cover the differences between concurrent and isolated training in football and their respective benefits and drawbacks. It will be shown differents strategies to avoid detraining during the off-season and optimise pre-season strength and conditioning for football players. Periodisation of strength and conditioning during the season, prescribing training loads in football and periodisation based on tactical concepts will be explored.

The module focuses on providing practical examples of pre-season and in-season strength & conditioning periodization for football players. The content will highlight the importance of designing and implementing effective training plans to improve physical performance and prevent injuries. Students will gain a better understanding of the application of periodization in football training and will be able to apply this knowledge to design their own training programs.

This module will focus on the importance of warm-up in training. The module will be taught from both a theoretical and practical perspective, focusing on the control of all elements that influence an athlete's performance.

The module is designed to provide coaches with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop effective warm-up routines that can enhance athletes' performance while reducing the risk of injury based on the latest research on warm-up techniques.

This module on football recovery will cover key aspects such as managing recovery during congested and uncongested matches, travel management, sleep management, preparation and medical care for international football tournaments, and practical recovery strategies in football.

 It will be shown the science behind recovery and discuss best practices for optimising recovery in football players. In addition, we will explore practical examples of recovery strategies and highlight the importance of individualised approaches for each athlete.

This module focuses on the essential aspects of football nutrition, which are often considered as accessories by coaches due to the presence of a professional nutritionist in professional teams. The module emphasises the importance of coaches mastering nutrition as an essential element of their daily work. 

The module highlights the fundamental role of nutrition in optimising post-match recovery and high intensity training sessions, and S&C coaches should have a broader understanding of nutritional supplements in their overall training process.

This module covers several key aspects of developing young football players. It will focus on optimizing neuromuscular performance, individual conditioning training, tec-tac progression, talent development, and advanced and traditional resistance training.

Students will learn about the importance of individualized training programs for young players and how to develop their skills and physical abilities while minimizing the risk of injury. They will also gain insight into talent identification and development, as well as strategies for enhancing overall performance in young football players.

high-level professional skills

On successful completion of the program the student will be equipped with high-level professional skills to:

Master Teachers

The FSI Faculty members are among the most recognized professionals by opinion leaders in science and performance in Football.


The FSI Master Football Strength & Conditioning Coach is aimed at S&C Coaches and Sport Sciences Students whose goal is to work in a professional football as:

Strength & Conditioning (S&C)

Personal Trainer of professional football players

Football Performance Specialist

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After submitting your application form, our FSI Team will review it and contact you within 72 hours to provide further information.


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About FSI


by the FSI Faculty

FSI is a leading international academic platform composed of experts, researchers, and professionals dedicated to the applied sciences of football. Our educational community brings together experts who are eager to share their knowledge and experiences with students who are eager to learn, providing high-quality and diverse education in all aspects of football. FSI is committed to providing the latest research in the field to keep our students up-to-date.

Our FSI faculty comprises some of the world's leading researchers and professionals in football, providing students with the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to excel in a professional football club's day-to-day operations. With agreements with more than 25 clubs worldwide, our students gain valuable practical experience, becoming experts in their chosen football specializations and forming the best professionals in this sport, with our support for their entry into the workforce.

Finally, FSI Jobs is a job platform that provides tailored job opportunities to our students based on their skill set and career goals, helping them transition into the professional football world. With over 100 professors, more than 25 associated teams, and seven master's degrees aimed at different roles within a football club, FSI is the premier destination for those seeking to excel in football. Our classes are 100% online, with a strong practical audiovisual component, and we provide intensive real-world internships with the best international professional football clubs. Join us today and start your journey towards becoming a top football professional.






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Football Science Institute (FSI) is a global platform of professionals, academics and experts dedicated to promoting the sport science for football development. FSI is also an online resource offering educational courses and scientific and practical content for those professionals or students interested in sports science and football performance.

From FSI we offer training programmes at a global level. You can have access to our masters and courses from any place around the world, as long as you have access to Internet connection.

Yes, you can enrol in as many programs as you like at the same time.

You can enrol in any program once the enrollment period is open. For more information about the programme before this date, you may register your interest in this course on our website and we will send you the updated information.

All the FSI courses are 100% online, with 24/7 access to video classes which are structured within modules.

The duration of the master's program is equivalent to the number of modules, but we at FSI extend the period by 8 months so that you can complete your training with no problems.

The FSI team will take into account each one of the enrollment applications received for the different program.

Since FSI is an online platform for higher education to obtain professional qualifications, certain academic requirements must be met in order to enroll in the Master’s programme: CV to be reviewed by the FSI Academic Department.

Each course or module within an FSI programme is taught by a different teacher. The lessons are either in english or in spanish, which allows the student to choose the language preferred. The videos that are recorded in English have Spanish subtitles, and vice versa.

FSI is a private school of Football Science that certifies its courses through the support of its prestigious Faculty of FSI. The FSI courses have the direct objective of providing the student with immediate work skills in the international world of professional football, and not only for academic career purposes. However, we are working with several international universities interested in recognizing FSI certified studies as a basis for their university degrees.

Once the student has completed any of the courses offered by FSI, and has completed the requirements, they will receive a certificate containing a security code, with which the validity of the certificate can be verified. You will also be able to download your certificate from your personal FSI account.

The FSI masters and courses do not include a mandatory internship program in the curriculum for obtaining the Diploma. However, students who want to learn practically within a professional football club structure have the opportunity of applying for the Internships Calls that FSI periodically launches through its Membership program and in coordination with its Partner Football Clubs. This internships suppose a real opportunity for the students to be integrated in the daily work structure of a high level football team, providing a strong practical experience and an interesting entrance door to the world of professional football.

You may contact with the FSI’s team by the following email address: info@fsi.training

FSI’s Faculty is composed of world-class academics, scientists and football professionals. This combination of academic and professional profiles allows the FSI to offer advanced and practical knowledge on football.

The scientific production of the FSI Faculty members reaches more than 2,500 articles on specialized scientific/technical journals, with an average h index of 15 to 40.

The FSI Faculty members are among the most recognized opinion leaders in football science and performance, with a high presence in congresses as well as in specialized meetings, and a large number of followers in social networks.
If you want to learn more about the FSI Faculty members, you may visit the “Faculty” section on our website.